1. Go to the STUDENT REGISTRATION OFFICE which is located in the new building and get two student certificates.
- Provide your Student Certificate and collect your Consingment Certificate (Sevk Kağıdı)
3. Go to MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT (ÇALIŞMA DAİRESİ)with your Consingment Certificate 
- Pay 135 TL for the blood test and collect your payment receipt
- On the receipt you will also find the name of the clinic/laboratory you need to go for your medical tests. 
4. Go to Clinic/ Labto have your blood test (mentioned on the payment receipt)
- Collect your blood test results after 5 days
5. Go to the Post Office (or the shop next to the Immigration Office)
- Buy 2 x 10 TL  stamps and  2 x 0.50 TL stamps
6. Go to IMMIGRATION OFFICE which is located in the Nicosia Police Station
- Give one 10 TL stamp and 0.50 TL stamp to the Police
- Take Ins& outsDocument (giriş-çıkış belgesi)
7. Go to TAX OFFICE (VERGİ DAİRESİ) with your House Contract
- Pay for the Immigration 101TL and take the Payment Receipt
8. The photocopy of your Passport
9. 1 Photo
10. 1 Stamp ( 10 TL and 0.50 TL )
11. Fill the Muhaceret Form in the University
NOTE: After you complete all these required documents, please submit your documents to the Public Relations Office.