Following completion of necessary preparations, the University of Mediterranean Karpasia has been established.

Our university offers Vocational Training Certificate, Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctorate Programs in the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, the School of Foreign Languages and Karpasia Vocational School, and will continue to operate using modern teaching techniques and different methods as distinct from other universities.
In a short period of time, we have completed our applications to various international accreditation agencies for accreditation and full membership. 
Our university is equipped with technological infrastructure identical to the institutions in developed countries. We will continue to provide high quality education using the latest education tools at our modern facilities which will be built in our Nicosia City Campus.
Our university is committed to educate tolerant, open minded and self confident entrepreneurial individuals who are equipped with world class professional knowledge, skills and competencies and responsive to domestic and international issues. After all, it is the qualified individuals who create an affluent society characterized with high-living standard, self- confidence and prestige, which is internationally distinguished and is able to contribute to the global civilization.

The main objective of our university is to educate high quality work force in terms of knowledge, skills, emotion and thoughts.
Thanks to the education model involving modern teaching methods and techniques, our graduates will be able to easily find jobs in various fields in and outside the country.
With scientific research at global standards, the University of Mediterranean Karpasia will make valuable contributions to public welfare as a research and development center. In this context, the ‘Education within Production’ program provides the students with the opportunity to have a hands-on work experience with an intention to educate leader human resources who are competent in applications, environmentally and socially conscious and who are in constant self innovation process.
Our Objective:
Our objective is to offer academic research involving university – industry cooperation for the benefit of our people. It is a privilege for us and our students to be a part of an institution located in Nicosia - the city of universities and one of the most beautiful, historical cities of Northern Cyprus. It is an honor to host our students in this safe, green, multi-cultural country which is well-known with its historical places, tourist attractions, beautiful beaches and restaurants.
We would like to welcome you all to a high standard education in Business, Tourism and Hotel Management and Language.
Should you require any assistance throughout your studies, please do not hesitate to contact me. You are always welcome.
Sincerely Yours,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

1- Prof. Dr. Tibet ERDOĞRU, Chairman 
2- Hüseyin KOCABIYIK, Vice Chairman
3- Ali ÇINAR, Member
4- Ali BAŞMAN, Member
5- Serhan KOMBOS, Member 
6- Candan AVUNDUK, Member 
7- Hüseyin OSKAR , Member
8- Prof. Dr. Ş. Alpay ATAOL, Member