English being a global language, the role of prep school is invaluable. Our aim is to develop students’ language skills as well as their personal, intellectual and social growth through computer mediated activities together with face-to-face instruction. Lessons are audio-visual, vibrant and enjoyable and we endeavour to cater for every individual by supporting them with the English they will need for their undergraduate studies.

General information

Depending on the score the student receives on the English placement test, they are placed in one of three levels: elementary, intermediate or advanced. Each module takes a total of eight weeks to complete and after each successfully completed module, students move on to the next module until their English levels reach advanced level where they are ready to become students of their desired faculty.
 If students receive a score less than 70 from the English placement test, they are required to study at English preparatory school. The aim of the courses is to prepare students for their faculties with the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, together with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
For each level, students are to take part in 20 hours of lessons a week where they are to attend classes every day.
Classes are compulsory for all students except those students who are exempt from the English placement test.

Elementary Module:

This module is designed to equip students with the basic language and vocabulary required for them to practice academically. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are the main focus. Pronunciation and grammar are also given importance

Intermediate Module:

This module is a continuation of the elementary module and the focus is on practicing academic skills with the use of authentic materials. Students again engage in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Activities include listening and note-taking, writing short texts and giving short presentations about given topics.

Advanced Module:

This module aims to provide students whose proficiency level is only slightly below the passing score of 70 with support with academic practice through tasks which involve skills needed in their freshman year. Academic vocabulary and academic reading and writing skills are especially given importance to.